Building block cupcakes in 4 colours
Cupcakes with edible printed logo for VE Day Celebrations
Pink buttercream cupcakes with heart decoration
3 colour buttercream cupcakes with unicorn horns and ears
3 colour buttercream cupcakes with 30 decoration
Baby Shower cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and baby block decoration
Small cake with 6 flat iced cupcakes
Vanilla buttercream cupcakes with pink hearts perfect for a wedding,engagement or valentines
Cupcakes with pink buttercream and butterflies
Flat Iced cupcakes with edible print
Flat Iced cupcakes with edible football print
Children’s cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and wafer paper designed by customer
Baby Shower cupcakes with buttercream and blue feet,bottles,bibs and rocking horse decoration
Baby shower cupcakes with choc buttercream and white and blue decoration
Chocolate buttercream cupcakes with choc bite sprinkles and white chocolate drip
Cars cartoon cupcakes with topper of flat icing with edible print
MacMillan vanilla buttercream cupcakes
Corporate cupcakes (see corporate cake section)
Flat iced cupcakes with basketball net
Bitesize chocolate cupcakes with choc orange topping
6″ sponge cake parcel design for a 21st Birthday with edible message label
Small Cuppa Cake
Small Cheers cake
Small Birthday cake with edible print
Small Chocolate cake with choc bites decoration
Flat iced cupcakes with stencil design