3D Blue Car cake for an 18th Birthday
3D Red Car Cake for a 30th Birthday
Basketball shaped cake for a 40th Birthday
Shaped trainer cake on shoe box
3D Star Ship shaped cake for a 40th Birthday
Polish Flag cake with a model tank for a 100th Birthday
Large 3D Pug cake
Small Dog’s head cake with buttercream finish
Record Player cake with Scottish Tartan theme
Pool Table cake with ‘Stag Do’ model
Graduate model cake
Designer Handbag cake
Small cake with Football badge and figures
Musical cake with model organist
Spy themed cake for a 27th Birthday
Stylish silver car for a 30th Birthday
Cake with large microphone for a 60th Birthday
Shaped globe cake for a traveller on their 30th Birthday
Hoover shaped cake with small
Retirement Cake for a Surgeon with model operation, bagpipes, books, fishing basket and Guiness cans.
Retirement cake with Gin Bottles
Barbecue birthday cake
Cartoon style graduate cake
3D Pig cake with model of 18th Birthday girl
Fishing Basket cake