Naked Cardamon cake with edible flowers
Semi Naked Cake with vanilla buttercream and handmade roses and macaron decoration
Buttercreamed cake with non pareil side decoration
Chocolate fudge buttercream cake
Salted Caramel buttercream cake with chocolate bites
Buttercreamed cake with Gerbera decoration
3 layer pink cake with raspberry buttercream
2 tier Pink Ombre cake with cream cheese frosting and sugared fruits
White chocolate ganache drip cake with sprinkles, milk choc, strawberry pencils and pizza
Chocolate swirl buttercream cake
Pink Cake with raspberry buttercream and marshmallow decoration
Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache icing and a white choc nest with mini eggs
Creme Egg Brownies
Mothers day cake with flower spray
Golf themed cake
Cyclist and skier mountain cake
Birthday cake with large model plane
Clematis flower spray cake with diamante initial
Silhouette cake in black and white
Oblong Character cake with beer
Butterfly and blossom Birthday cake
Cream coloured cake with top flower decoration
David Bowie Album birthday cake
Headphone model Birthday cake
Rock Music Birthday cake with edible print
2 tier Chocolate drip cake with customer’s choice biscuits and sweets
Thank you cake with blossom decoration